online learning in a hurry episode 14 – Remembering the reality our students are facing in online learning

While educators have certainly not chosen the situation we’ve landed ourselves in, our students’ haven’t either. If you have the choice, this term, between enforcing academic integrity with a timed exam and choosing student care – choose care. Photo credit:


online learning in a hurry episode 12 – teacher presence

Teacher presence is critical to any healthy online conversation. Think about the things that you need to do in a face 2 face classroom and imagine what that’s going to look like online. Set a tone that people understand. Make clear what your expectations are. Don’t think of posts online as a discussion with you, …

online learning in a hurry episode 11 – you can’t teach that online

There are certainly ‘skills’, physical things you’ll do with your hands, that are not going to be something you can replicate online. If you focus on what people really need to know to be a professional in the topic your working on, you can, maybe, teach those literacies online. photo:

Online learning in a hurry episode 8 – Web based curriculum

I think we can launch students onto the web to learn from the field itself. Given them a challenging question. Ask them to figure out who the leading voices are on a given subject. Let them make real connections to the work of real people. The community can be the curriculum. Image source: