online learning in a hurry Guest episode 11 – Robin derosa and Martha burtis – stick to the mission

I was very fortunate to get TWO wonderful people on for this episode. Both Robin DeRosa and Martha Burtis come to visit to talk about how we need to stick to our principles through this process. We can’t get distracted by ‘going online’ and forget what we are doing university for. Follow a plan. Stick …

online learning in a hurry guest episode 10 – Laura Gibbs blogging in education

Laura Gibbs visited us today to share her experience with almost 20 years of blogging with students online. Here is one of the sites that Laura talked to us about Header image is from Reclaim Hosting – an excellent company to work with if you are looking for internet hosting. This blog is hosted …

online learning in a hurry guest episode 8 – Maha bali – WOrking with students in informal spaces

Maha Bali came to talk to us today to talk about working with students in informal spaces. The conversations in those spaces can be a way to connect to your student and to allow them to connect with each other. This can be an essential component to the well-being of your students. Media source:

Online learning in a hurry Guest episode 1 – Terry Greene – Just listen

In this episode Terry Greene talks to us about the value of listening. Listen to your students. Listen to people who are learning to teach online for the first time. Listen to the great work that is being done by online learning people. Find a person you find interesting. Take a couple of hours. Explore …


online learning in a hurry episode 14 – Remembering the reality our students are facing in online learning

While educators have certainly not chosen the situation we’ve landed ourselves in, our students’ haven’t either. If you have the choice, this term, between enforcing academic integrity with a timed exam and choosing student care – choose care. Photo credit:


online learning in a hurry episode 12 – teacher presence

Teacher presence is critical to any healthy online conversation. Think about the things that you need to do in a face 2 face classroom and imagine what that’s going to look like online. Set a tone that people understand. Make clear what your expectations are. Don’t think of posts online as a discussion with you, …

Online learning in a hurry episode 8 – Web based curriculum

I think we can launch students onto the web to learn from the field itself. Given them a challenging question. Ask them to figure out who the leading voices are on a given subject. Let them make real connections to the work of real people. The community can be the curriculum. Image source: