Transitioning to online learning isn’t easy, but it is something that needs to be done right. When focusing on online labs, there are many difficulties that an in-person lab doesn’t face. We have created both a faculty and student checklist with various things to keep in mind when moving to online labs. Feel free to use this and make it your own!

For Faculty:

For Students:

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  1. Conrad Rogers

    Having completed the first month of online physics labs, I’d like to add:

    12. Have you considered the additional teaching load of helping students manage their spreadsheets and other software packages remotely?

    This is what half my time is spent doing, and five “office hours” are not adequate to the task, even with a relatively small (30) number of students. What used to take 30 seconds leaning over a student’s shoulder is now a back-and-forth conversation involving screen sharing and file transfers.

    Definitely will be rethinking this approach next semester!

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