H5P is the way to be: top 5 h5p interactives

Education is changing! The center of learning has shifted from a passive one-way communication towards an active and equitable practice. After years of being the second option, online learning is in the spotlight. The shift to virtual spaces has highlighted many possibilities that suit the interests of a new generation of learners. The traditional method of education provides …

What NOT to do in a virtual classroom!

The classroom format has change and the student must adapt to the new environment. Students must now be aware of the proper online etiquette for classes to run smoothly and successfully. A game has been developed to help teach students these new social norms.

Staying motivated during online school

Staying motivated throughout the academic year can oftentimes be one of the hardest challenges students face when learning online. Working towards building healthy and sustainable study habits, inspiring internal motivation, and understanding your needs and limitations are as important as any other steps you plan to take in preparation to learn online. We created a game for you to guide a student along a path to stay motivated throughout an online semester. This activity will explore some of the measures you can take to feel more prepared.

Transitioning from the classroom to online videos! (Infographic)

The transition from a face-to-face classroom to a virtual environment can be filled with many uncertainties and new teaching experiences. How will the content be delivered? Will you be teaching through recorded videos? If so, take a deep breath and consider these five practical and technical elements when creating online videos: Download a (pdf.) copy …

thoughts on creating an introductory video that embraces the Pedagogies of Care

What is One Concrete Way to Show Care to My Students? An Introductory Video and Statement Sample Introduction Video Suggestions Brief yet personal introduction. Tap into your personal strengths, your educational background and your personality. Express care about your students well being. Care should be shown in content, assignments and course development. In addition address …

Online Learning Tips

This four page document contains several tips, tricks, and resources that will help ease the transition to online university. These learning tips will guide students to success in an online learning environment, by helping them become an effective and efficient online learners.

Transitioning to Online Labs

Transitioning to online learning isn’t easy, but it is something that needs to be done right. When focusing on online labs, there are many difficulties that an in-person lab doesn’t face. We have created both a faculty and student checklist with various things to keep in mind when moving to online labs. Feel free to use this and make it your own!

Online learning in a hurry guest episode 15 – sarah rose cavanagh

Sarah came to visit us today to talk to us about keeping emotion, creativity and fun in our classrooms. We talked about the impact of neuroscience and psychology research on learning. We also talked about balancing the creation of a shared language with students and still finding room for them to guide their own learning. …